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Agriculture Industry Celebrates Father of the Green Revolution (25 Mar 2014) Document type: News release
Today, CropLife International and the plant science industry observe the centennial birthday of Dr Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Father of the Green Revolution, for his life-long work bringing agricultural innovations to smallholder farmers to improve crop productivity and food security.
Joint statement from ACC, Cefic, CLA, CLC, CLI and ECPA on review of WHO-UNEP 2012 report on Endocrine Disruptors (13 Feb 2014) Document type: News release
The 2012 WHO-UNEP report should not be used as the basis for supporting chemicals policy on endocrine disruptors, as the report does not provide an objective assessment of the current state of the science on endocrine disruption. Unfortunately, WHO-UNEP chose not to use a transparent process for selecting authors with recognized expertise and varying perspectives, failed to employ best practices for data collection and evaluation and relied on the authors’ judgment/opinion instead of ensuring the use of a transparent weight-of-evidence framework for objectively integrating results for determining cause and effect at relevant levels of exposure.
New Studies Find Significant Benefits From Biotech Crops (13 Feb 2014) Document type: News release
This week, two independent reports published by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) confirmed the positive benefits plant biotechnology has on farmers worldwide, and the potential impact it can have on helping farmers adapt to and mitigate climate change conditions in 2050.
Making Sense of Intellectual Property at (7 Nov 2013) Document type: News release
Ever wondered how a life-changing idea becomes a real product? Or realize that nearly everything you use – from your car to your coffeemaker – is full of patent protections? In our world, intellectual property (IP) touches every aspect of our lives. It rewards inventors for turning ideas — from a better cup of coffee to a live-saving drug — into the technologies and innovative products which sustain and enhance our world. is a new movement to help make sense of IP and change the way we view the world around us.
Celebrating 10 years of Success for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (11 Sep 2013) Document type: News release
the Global Industry Coalition (GIC) congratulates the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on the ten year anniversary of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, the supplementary treaty to the Convention on Biological Diversity that aims to ensure the safe handling, transfer and use of living modified organisms (LMOs).
News Release - Revisions to the International Code of Conduct June 2013 (19 Jun 2013) Document type: News release
This news release highlights CropLife International's support for revisions to the International Code of Conduct for Pesticides Management.
International Day for Biodiversity Release (22 May 2013) Document type: News release
Within our soil exists a vast and diverse ecosystem which provides the foundation for the hundreds of crops that feed, clothe and fuel our world. On the International Day for Biodiversity, CropLife International calls on farmers, agricultural researchers and policymakers around the world to renew their dedication to the support and advancement of research and education into sustainable agricultural practices that preserve soil; one of our world’s most valuable resources.
Five Things You Need to Know About Agricultural Innovation and Intellectual Property (27 Apr 2013) Document type: News release
In honour of World Intellectual Property Day, CropLife International has identified the top five facts everyone should know about the importance of intellectual property (IP) to agricultural innovation. Understanding how IP protections can encourage new innovations and drive the growth of agriculture, as well as supporting effective IP rights, will be critical to meeting future food demands.
Developing Countries Embrace Benefits of Plant Biotechnology (20 Feb 2013) Document type: News release
Today, the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) released its annual global biotech crop acreage report, which found that worldwide adoption of plant biotechnology continued to grow, reaching over 170 million hectares planted with biotech crops in 28 countries. Biotech crops are scale-neutral, meaning all farmers can enjoy the economic and environmental benefits they bring to growers, consumers, and farms — this was evidenced in 2012 when developing country hectarage of biotech crops exceeded the area planted with biotech crops in developed countries. Two new developing countries grew biotech crops for the first time last year — Sudan and Cuba — which helped increase biotech plantings in developing countries by over nine million hectares in 2012 over 2011.
Statement - UNEP Fails to Address Credibility of Global Chemicals Outlook Report (19 Feb 2013) Document type: News release
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